Scenery Poems: 11/13
Nature, Scenery

The Hidden Path

© M._Eileen_Odea

The scenery along a hidden path.

The Hidden Path I came across a hidden path while walking in the woods. Was quite grown over yet I could see where feet once used to go. I moved a branch and looked around and then I took a chance. That path I'd found would lead once more two feet along their way. Its way was gnarled it could use a trim still I could see where it was going. The scenery seemed just hand picked for a traveler such as me. The sounds around me thickened as I furthered down the trail. Since no others seemed to walk this way much fauna could be found. I spied a place in which to sit as if it had been set there. A fallen tree a perfect spot to rest and look and ponder. I took a breath and closed my eyes made sure to take it all in. I may never this way be back again its essence I must savor. Back on my feet and on the path my spirits they are reeling. A place where no one else must trek was medicine for my soul. My senses now are dancing as I walk upon wild herbs. I have never felt so liberated so one with who I am. The flowers now I see are bold and insects buzz about them. Now butterflies flit all around they tickle as they pass me. A toad I spy just off to the side sitting there in deep thought. Unfazed is he by my intrusion as I carefully pass him by. The path now narrows the ferns close in the moss a fuzzy carpet. I look ahead no end in sight and so I travel onward. The moss it thickens and now I know my feet are treading where. No feet have set in quite some time I feel I am intruding. I find myself apologizing as I continue down the path. For wandering down where no one goes perhaps it's not my place. I've come too far to turn back now ahead now I must venture. Please forgive while I intrude I'll simply find my quick way out. I finally see a meadow ahead I'll soon be off the path. The memory it gave to me for life will fill my soul. I thank the woods for pointing me right in to its direction. I'll tell no one about the path so un-trod it will remain.

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