Scenery Poems: 1/13
Nature, Scenery

Never Ever I have Seen

© Ashutosh Samal

This delightful and marvelous poem vividly describes the beauty of nature and the selfishness of humans who destroy it by their harmful activities

Never ever I have seen
The ocean so blue,
The mighty mountain so tall,
Where animal do venture without fear.

The shoal of fishes,
And the creep of tortoises
Playing happily in water,
And dashing the beautiful pink lotuses.

Never ever I have seen
The earth so green,
The bright, blue sky
Where birds do fly.

Sweet red roses,
And golden sunflowers,
Tossing their heads
And dancing merrily in the breeze.

Towering bushy trees with swaying tops
Whisper softly, Won t you stop?
Gentle breeze whisper by
As if cuckoo singing a melody.

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