Scenery Poems: 8/13
Nature, Scenery

The Dark Cave

© Dustin Hoffman

This is inspired by the cave I vistied recently in California Lava Beds

As you walk up to the entrance of the hole leading deep into the ground.

You're wearing a hard hat to protect your head from the ceiling
and holding a flashlight in your hand.

You take a deep breathe and finally enter.
It gets dark after 15 feet.

As you walk deeper into the darkness, you feel the coolness of the air.
The farther you go, the colder it got.

You keep stopping and looking at the ceiling and the walls.
It captures your imagination.

You finally reach the end and just then your flashlight dies.
It goes dark instantly.

After several minutes your eyes adjust to the darkness.
Then you start walking towards the entrance.

It takes many hours to get to the entrance.
As you walk out into the light, your eyes hurt and can not stand it.

You sit down and after several hours your eyes are back to normal.
You take one last look back at the hole and leave with remembering.

Your imagination ha been stolen by the Dark Cave.

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