Scenery Poems: 13/13
Nature, Scenery


© Kaitlyn Stone

The poet depicts an ocean scene, hearing the seagulls, tasting salty water, relaxing in paradise.

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The waves crashing powerfully against the soft wet sand,
Creating a line of white foam, separating the gulf from the beach.
The seashells cover the miniature sand castles,
And another ocean breeze blows through my hair.
The sunset on the horizon is like a painting with all the colors of the rainbow.
The ocean water kisses my feet as I sit and watch the beautiful scenery.
I can hear seagulls making their little noises as they fight over food.
The shoreline stretches far and wide, farther than the eye can see.
I can taste the salty ocean air, and it calms my body and soul,
Letting me relax in this heavenly paradise.

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