Flower Poems: 8/12
Nature, Flower

The Dahlias

© Chit Schweizer-Anes

I have recently retired and have loved reading poetry ever since. I could not believe that I have written one upon being amazed by a garden full of colorful and awesome dahlias.

One cloudy afternoon in September
I made a leisure walk despite the weather
The botanical garden would just be right
Admire late summer colors and find delight.

Surprised to see a divine delectation
Colorful dazzling dahlias in celebration
Bending their colorful heads in the breeze
Their slender stems sway too, with ease.

These delights are special in many ways
Dazzle you with colors in wide arrays
Late summer bloomers unlike lovely Rose
No thorns that prickle, no fragrance for the nose.

Variations of the petals are a stunner
Striped, tipped, curled, spiky, wispy, slender
Single or multiple rows of petals are a beauty
Whatever the shape and size, the dahlia is so pretty.

Dahlias bring life and beauty to your garden
A token of affection of a lover to his maiden
A gift of the living to the remembered dead
Dahlias feed your soul as body is fed with bread.

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