Flower Poems: 1/12
Nature, Flower

Mother Natures Way of Words

© Jessica S. Audet

All around us Nature is talking, through the flowers, trees, and oceans. This poet connects with Mother Nature and is inspired by the gentle smell of a flower, inspired to bring out the flower within herself, showing others who she chooses to be.

Mother Natures Way with Words Mother Nature spoke today. I sat and listened to what she had to say. Her words of wisdom were so strong. Made me realize I should do what’s right, never wrong. The Earths deep voice spoke aloud to me, Do not weep young child, leave that to me. For that little one, is the job of my weeping willow tree. The winds soft cry, rang in my ears, Your love and beauty will go on for years. Where you will go others will follow, Your thoughts are deep, never hollow. The birds
sweet song, I needed to hear, Always go on, live without fear, For one day you’ll get to know, The wisdom and wonder of the owl and crow. The gentle smell of the flowers gave me inspiration. Made me see I need to go full out, total dedication. I need to show others how I choose to be. And by doing so, I’ll bring out the flower in me. The mysterious waters of the ocean, so deep. To believe is to feel, to hold is to keep. Little girl, one of many others. Pass on your wisdom to your sisters and brothers. The suns powerful ways, so fierce and strong, Brings everything together in Mother Nature’s beautiful song. Everyone and everything in this world plays its own part, May my laughter and brightness of many years, find its special path to your wounded heart. Always go forth; there is plenty to see, And if you need a light in your darkness, Well, just leave that to me.

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