Fall Poems: 3/15
Nature, Fall


© Florin

Singled out from all other…..I picked it for my own.

Now, my every day's worth waiting,

For my Autumn evening star

It will settle upon Heaven,

In the corner of my eye.

'Tis always first among all others,

Who's light begins to show, at last!

My Autumn evening star-

Sparked itself on fire, to show it's love inside.

Across the waters gliding smooth,

A mist of gray tha' gently curves,

Around aged pines with 'shrooms and moss,

A thousand years has swinged and tossed.

My Autumn evening star is silent,

It guides my journey's winding path

Ahead of me my shadow follows,

It hovers on the silver grass.

It's never near to end it's travel,

All it knows is to move on,

In it's light there's trouble never,

'Tis my Autumn evening star.

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