Fall Poems: 12/15
Nature, Fall

Autumn Is Over

© Rukiye Henderson

As summer fades away, the leaves turn from green to brown, from red to gold. Whoosh!

As summer fades away,
The leaves turn from,
Green, to brown, from red, to gold.
Whoosh! The wind carries them away.

And school begins,
As the children run away, to fill their head with the knowledge,
That they themselves could not convey.
All day long they educate themselves, and abbreviate conjugates.
Ding-Ding! Sounds the bell, signaling the end of another school day.

Animals are scurrying and hurrying about,
For after the first frost,
All will be lost.
When the cold winds blow, and the snow falls thick,
That is the sign,
That autumn is over, and winter has begun. Brrrrr!

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