Fall Poems: 2/15
Nature, Fall


© Chit Schweizer

The poem is for nature lovers including myself. Having retired a few days ago, I find pleasure in writing poems on nature. Autumn is not to be construed as a sad season as nature needs rest to give way to a colorful and fruitful spring.

Half-bare trees losing their crowns
Last clinging leaves start to fall down
Glorious sun getting paler by day
Frolicky summer will soon be astray.

The bleak wood leaves gather in heaps
Whom promenaders thoughtlessly tread
Rustling and crumpling under their feet
Soon with winter snow haply they wed.

Red orange brown gold and yellow
Bright palette from green they mellow
Nature displays her last summer fling
Before her long winter sleep swings.

Daylight will become rare and short
Pretty flowers their blooms will abort
Birds who chose the warm summer months
Migrate home to where there’s warmth.

Butterflies who frolic in rivers and ponds
Dragonflies that flicker their wings in the sun
Hole up in quiescent melancholy sleep
Their playground has become frosty and bleak.

White sandy beaches teeming with crowds
Sun worshippers no clouds them shroud
Lifeless and bare they now have become
Only the seagulls claim them as their chum.

Such are the harbinger that fall has arrived
Set in his throne, for months he will thrive
Giving way to Nature to sleep in peace
Persephone will revive spring at her feast.

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