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golden, orange and yellow leaves glimmer in the setting sun
this is one of the first signs that summertime is done
I can hear the soft rustling as they fall from the trees
soaring and ..........
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Resplendent hues appease my vision,
Fall has fulfilled its yearly mission,
Sporadic breezes blow leaves around,
Forming multi-colored patterns upon the ground.

Sparrows utter ..........
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The season of the year, after youth has passed away,
The colored leaves shall waltz, until at last they lay.
Alone each must dance, and foretell of coming glory.
Autumn's beauty giving ..........
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As summer fades away,
The leaves turn from,
Green, to brown, from red, to gold.
Whoosh! The wind carries them away.

And school begins,
As the children run away, to fill their head ..........
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Half-bare trees losing their crowns
Last clinging leaves start to fall down
Glorious sun getting paler by day
Frolicky summer will soon be astray.

The bleak wood leaves gather in ..........
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The month of September
it is just started
soon it will roll by
then follows
the autumn months
October and November
the dazzling colorful foliage
that touches the heart
when ..........
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Rustling leaves echo
Branches sway as the wind gathers speed and
Scares the birds away

Thick clouds move
Across the sky
Shadows move with them

Icy wind cuts into ..........
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The crunch under my feet,
The colors drifting in the sky,
So many reds, oranges and yellows, they set the trees on fire.
And when the have all fallen one by one,
I Know That Fall Is ..........
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Autum leaves
fall to the ground
there is nothing
but a sound
and some colors
all around

Bringing peace and joy to the world
they dance through the wind
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Singled out from all other.....I picked it for my own.

Now, my every day's worth waiting,

For my Autumn evening star

It will settle upon Heaven,

In the corner of my ..........
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Fall Poems: 1-10 of 11    
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