Pond Poems

Bodies of water have always held a certain fascination amongst nature lovers, but the humble pond is often forgotten for larger, more impressive lakes and seas. However, ponds often offer a closer experience with the small animals and creatures that reside in it. Much shallower than most lakes, ponds can form naturally or be man-made. Due to their shallow depth, they often allow light to penetrate all the way to the bottom, allowing you to observe the flora and fauna in great detail. This gives ponds a unique charm that is rarely matched elsewhere in nature. Whether they be naturally occurring in a forest, or a back garden pond, these little delights should always be appreciated.

Pond Poems: 1/3
Nature, Pond

Trees hang over the water like large grape vines,
They look as if they had taken there time.
So old and green as squirrels hang high,
There is no sign of the big blue sky.

The trees tickle the edge of the water as,
The fish below look at the yonder.
The trees are bright, gloomy and green,
As if they had never been seen.

The trees are as happy as can be,
Filled with joy singing the Tiz of Thee.