Pond Poems: 3/3
Nature, Pond


© Douglas R. Hill

A beautiful poem about a lake reflecting its surroundings during Fall.

My favorite spot is by the lake,
With forest by the side,
'Cause in the fall with colors bright,
Its' beauty we can't hide.

When the water's ruffled by the breeze,
And it laps upon the shore,
The sound is very soothing and it,
Makes me yearn for more.

The scent of leaves upon the ground,
Is the only one of its' kind and no aroma in all the world,
Is such a perfect find.

Reflections on the water of the,
Trees are that of fire,
And when I look up to the trees,
Their beauty reaches higher.

The peacefulness that lies abound,
Upon the lake all o'er,
Has been there for a thousand years,
And sure to be much more.

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