Pond Poems: 2/3
Nature, Pond

A Quiet Moment

© Carolyn Thomas Langston

It is a quiet moment as she marvels at her reflection in the sparkling pond.

Just a whisper of the wind in the cool air,
While walking the country side, so fair,
As winds blew leaves of silver and gold,
The old trees cracked, while standing,
So bright and bold.
I came to a pond, all clear and blue,
Swans swimming, near water lilies through,
As I sit close to the water with fresh air all around,
The calmness was still, not even a sound.
I looked at my reflection, floating there,
With sunlight glowing around my face and hair.
As water flowing over rocks hidden in the sand,
I felt the cool, as water rolled over my hand.
The country so green, flowers blooming astray,
The contentment feeling, overwhelmed, as I walked away.

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