Garden Poems: 12/12
Nature, Garden

A Brand New Day

© Gladys M. Bonner

At the beginning of a brand new day, I marvel as nature comes together in perfect harmony, and I thank G-d for who I am.

When I wake early in the morning,
A brand new day I see,
I lift my head up to the sky,
And thank God for letting me be me.

Uncertain as to what the day will bring,
Don’t know what lies ahead,
Not sure of my confrontations,
I ask God to guide me on the path Ill tread.

The birds sing their sweet, sweet song,
The bees hum their precious melody,
The wind blows where it wishes,
All coming together in perfect harmony.

Down on the ground the ants find their prey,
And the squirrel rambles from tree to tree,
The gopher finds its place in a hole,
And the rabbit roams aimlessly.

The beautiful lily blooms bright and fair,
The roses are red and pink and white,
The dandelions are ready for picking,
And the grass is green and full and bright.

How blue and beautiful the sky is above,
How lovely the stream and river and sea,
And each new day I open my eyes,
I thank God for letting me be me.

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