Garden Poems: 11/12
Nature, Garden

Nancy’s Garden

© Debra E. Boudreau

Nancy's garden is quite a jazzy reflection of her creativity and personality. It is a hand-made masterpiece filled with herbs and flowers of all kinds.

In a small town in New Hampshire,
s a secret no one knows.
I'll tell you, as I've been there,
Where Nancy's garden grows.

Each Wednesday I admire,
The beauty of her land.
It's blanketed with herbs and blooms,
All sculpted by her hand.

Nancy's floral masterpiece,
Adorned with yard sale finds,
Boasts a touch of whimsy,
Amid flowers of all kinds.

Inspired by residing birds,
And deer that roam the hill,
This garden's a reflection of,
Her own creative will.

The early morning weeding,
And the water she provides,
Has established nature's pallet,
In the yard where she abides.

Today I'll visit with my friend,
Till noontime I suppose.
We'll quilt and chat and sip our tea,
Where Nancy's garden grows.

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