Garden Poems: 10/12
Nature, Garden

Special Place

© Colin F. Gload

A search for purpose and peace in life, through the inner beauty of G-d's nature.

Light reflecting, in my eye,
Cloudless blue of august sky,
Shadows lurk in nature’s womb,
I’ll take this place to my tomb.

Morning wakening, air crisp,
A welcoming breeze, nature’s breath,
An inward battle, self a test.

Tranquil freedom, warming calm,
A creative spec, of god’s own palm,
Gone untouched, nearly unknown,
Those who see a place as such,
Can understand, it’s more to touch.

We bring purpose, reason to go,
Return with peace, nothing to show,
Like a mouse in a field, lost astray,
I continue my journey, alone on my way.

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