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Cryptic Spirit

© Margaret Anne Jarred

An interesting and intricate Sestina poem.

Cryptic Spirit
(A Sestina)

Petal pistil, stigma stamen, nurturing flower.
Soaring wings, fickle flight, searching winds.
Nectar sweet, quick retreat, praying feeding.
Life life, larvae pupae, thriving imposter.
Idle still, basking sun, undying freedom.
Former pebble, Great Spirit, breath of life, emerging traveler.

Northern winds, southern breeze, silent traveler.
Mountains high, valleys low, ascending flower.
Start anew, awake asleep, seeking freedom.
Come come, finger pointing, gesturing winds.
Hidden eyes, no attack, deceiving imposter.
Puddle cluster, male only, life-giving feeding.

Yellow black, wild anise, fennel sweet, feeding.
Silent still, fertile dreams, secret joy, mysterious traveler
Copy tease, mimic power, hidden again, imposter.
Orange orange, indigo blue, larval food, flower.
Riding high, flutter low, north south, winds.
Great respect, fortune good, purpose life, freedom.

Stop go, fast slow, frenzied landing, freedom.
Flutter stop, flower power, nectar sweet, feeding.
Up down, gentle breeze, Santa Anna, winds.
Graceful graceful, radiant angel, bright lights, traveler.
Showy color, open close, quickly landing, flower.
Hide seek, long ago, covert life, imposter.

Molten mummy, silk cocoon, noble imposter.
Naked danger, harden new, limited freedom.
Native species, vital food, impatient flower.
Lucky lucky, sipping nectar, flower feeding.
Survival fittest, cold blooded, captivating traveler.
Migration long, life renewed, running winds.

Solar strength, sailing smooth, gentle winds.
Many faces, ugly duck, cunning imposter.
Virgin wings, slender angel, confident traveler.
Faith faith, spirit peace, flittering freedom.
Fortunate flower, grateful eyes, tender feeding.
Gathering pollen, sharing life, giving flower.

A dancing flower feeding in the east-west winds, signals the awaited metamorphosis.
Imposter ready; tenacious traveler, freedom won.
Silent perfection, momentary pleasure, winged spirit, b u t t e r f l y.

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