Butterfly Poems: 3/5
Nature, Butterfly

PSYCHE: Butterfly and Soul

© Manjeshwari

Laid on the underside of a leaf,
Early stage is egg;
Thriving to exist;

Hatching from the eggshell,
Consuming leaves as caterpillar,
Creepy, hungry larva is the second stage;
Accumulating needs with greed;

Hiding itself in a cover of time is pupa
Still and suspended is the third stage;
Buried in a tomb;

Emerging as a beautiful winged-fly Imago,
Butterfly is the fourth and final stage;
As soul gets liberated from all bonds;

Basking in the Sun, it sets to fly
Ready to feed on sweet nectar of flowers
Meanwhile pollinating them;
It can live from a week to a year
It plays an important role in nature
Finding its mate and the cycle repeats;

Fairy for the plants, Angel of joy to us
Colourful, joyful, beautiful flying creature
A tiny insect whose fluttering wings has impact,
On the occurence of tornado;

A butterfly represents the true spirit of life,
Rightly called Pysche for the final attainment,
Psyche, the love of Eros achieved immortality,

A butterfly portrays the journey of soul;
Reaching for the sky, feeding on nectar;
Is what mortals want as soul in Heaven.

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