Winter Poems: 10/10
Nature, Winter

Winter Iris

© Cathleen J. Rowland

The dream of a serene garden beneath a blanket of clean snow brings warmth to the poet's heart.

Winter snow is falling down
Covering the earth in a blanket clean
I dream of sunshine on my face
The beauty of the garden, so serene

Dawn’s brilliant colors fill the sky
Dew drops glisten in its rays
Birds in song, the sweet smell of spring
The valley full of morning haze

Amidst the tulips and daffodils
And tiny white daisies tangling wild
My purple lovelies greet the day
With the innocence of a child

Standing tall with majesty
And colors of the deepest hue
Grace is added to the garden
Creating a perfect view

The winter snow is still gently falling
But I have warmth within my heart
For soon the buds will break the ground
And reveal a lovely work of art.

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