Winter Poems: 3/10
Nature, Winter


© Lloyd Winstead

Old Man Winter has arrived
Riding a cold – blooded steed.
Riding with all his might.
Causing a chill stinging arctic air,
Ice and snow, both day and night.

Snowbirds hearts filled with dread
Start their migratory flight.
Fleeing areas where sleet blizzards are born.
Seeking the sun belt,
And all its warm delights.

Leaving misery surrounding them
Dangling off the rear view mirror of life.
They’re flocking to tropical destinations
Where they can find respite,
To help relieve winter’s strife.

Snowbirds arrive in Florida, California, Hawaii
And other tropical isles seeking solitude
In warmth and past memories.
They’re revived again from yesterday
By sunshine they find again today.

The sun’s warmth like a new romance waiting.
Emits blessed solitude encompassing
Their bodies as a warm lover’s gentle embrace
Removing the cold harsh winter’s night.

Lying on a quiet sun – drenched beach
Where tranquil blue waves tease the shore.
Snowbirds hearts are filled with the warmth
They were yearning for.

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