Season Poems: 10/14
Nature, Season

The Seasons

© Chris Shiflett

I wrote this for a project in 9th grade English. This is the only one that isn't completely awful and I love this website so I submitted it.

The seasons come and go
They change when they please
Their colors collide
Making a beautiful transformation
Then collide once again as they depart

Winter sweeps the warm away
Turning everything white
The chill leaving no trace of heat
The mountain tops now fit in
Until it's time for winter to leave

You know Springs on its way
When white fades to green
Other colors, springing to life
Purples, yellows, and reds
Leaving behind their allergens

Allergies turn to sunburns
As summer blazes in
The beach and pool don't cover up
The fact that summer burns everything
Then leaves when it's burnt out

When the feel of fire
Turns to the look of fire,
Trees of yellow, red, and orange begin to fall
Fire falling, instead of heat rising
Is a sign that winter's coming back

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