Season Poems: 2/14
Nature, Season

Remember Me

© Kris Nelson

I wrote this poem in memory of my brother, who spent most of his life in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Spending time with Nature was his greatest joy.

When you walk along a wooded path
In the nature my heart held so dear,
Remember the joy that it gave me
And know that I’ll always be near.

When a robin announces his presence
Singing solo as day becomes new
The doe lifts her head to listen
As her fawn drinks the freshness of dew.

When an otter glides through the river,
His swim is a masterful one.
He engages his mate in a playful chase
Then they climb on the rocks to sun.

When the rustling leaves touch the autumn sky,
Boasting colors of russet and gold
Geese wing on their southern-most journey
To escape from the beckoning cold.

When the North wind blows through the towering pines
It delivers a mid winter’s chill
While snowflakes drift softly on fresh frozen lakes
And the call of the wild becomes still.

In each of these things, remember me.
And know that I’ll always be near.
The woodlands, God’s wondrous Creation,
In His nature my heart held so dear.

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