Summer Poems: 7/7
Nature, Summer

Swim Training, Phew!

© Bettina Sophia J. Ejercito

I am now 10 years old. I am proud to be a Filipino. I made this poem as part of my homework for Reading.

I started training at 9 years old,
And still remember it was not that cold.
It was very clear that it was hot and humid,
I swam that day until I was livid.

It was so hot I could really melt,
Fainting spells I nearly felt.
Summer then was nearly over,
So I jumped in the pool to take cover.

First I put on my swimsuit and cap,
Then my coach told me to do four laps.
I jumped in the pool and waved goodbye,
Because I thought I was going to die.

I swam so hard with all my might,
Doing freestyle stroke that I think was right.
I did the four laps as best as I can,
Then my coach told me to do it again.

I never thought swim training was hard,
The year before that I was just swimming 25 yards.
Now I can swim more than 80 laps,
Sometimes it's easy I do it in a snap.

I train thrice a week with my sis and bro,
Sometimes it's tiring I'm just raring to go.
Now my mom and dad started training too,
I can't wait for my baby sis to join the crew.

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