Summer Poems: 4/7
Nature, Summer

Little River

© Marina

Sunlight leaks into a shapeless bowl
Of the nature's tender, loving soul,
Called the Little River…

And the water quickly slips away,
Wishing to embrace this summer day,
Showing off its shimmer…

On its way, a row of furry trees
Wave hello with warm, refreshing breeze.
On goes Little River…

Next, it greets a deer along its brink,
Bending down to take a cooling drink.
Drops on skin shall glimmer…

Then, like child to his mother's call,
Rushes water to the waterfall.
Down goes Little River…

Lonely rock it'll stumble on upon,
Obliviously bathing in the sun.
Just a silent dreamer…

Wild flowers bloom along its way,
Pretty in their colorful array.
On flows Little River…

On it'll flow until the destined place,
Where the sea in its impressive grace
Joins all Little Rivers…

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