Sun Poems: 9/9
Nature, Sun


© Jazzmin Y. Altamira

About the gifts of sunlight, which gives energy to the earth.

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I am the energy of life.
My radiant rays look right down on all the regal planets.
I have seen every creature to ever roam the earth.
I am the grandfather of the universe.
My bright rays shine like a new snowfall on an early winter morning.
The innumerable rays of light can never compare to,
All the memories I have.
I give warmth to everyone and everything,
As I extend my arms of heat.
The heat I give makes rocks crackle and hiss.
My rays are a good night kiss,
That I give to my brother, the moon.
The clouds are my worst enemy.
I will never stop giving,
For I am the energy of life.

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