Sun Poems: 2/9
Nature, Sun

Sunlight and Darkness

© Ariel A.

Describing the bad in both light and darkness...

Sunlight wasn't enough
to melt away all this pain
inside me.

Cold, icy, freezing.
But it wasn't enough
to cool off my anger.

The Sun.
Angry, full of venom, ready
for revenge and war.
A ferocious predator.

The moon.
Depressed and a pale face.
Ready to die along with
all this deep silence as it
floats like a feather.

Melts the good away.
Stabs me, making my
throat burn and wild
like a wounded lion.

The coldness.
Freezes the warmth absorbed in me.
Full of evil and guilt.
Victim of fright,
and victim of the silence.

Sunlight and Darkness.
The burned, and pale face.
Full of loathe and evil.
Enemies and traitors.
Fiery and dark intentions.

Sun vs. the moon.
The Dark Ages repeat once more.
France vs. Mexico.

I've always hated
the sunlight and darkness.
The sun and moon,
the screams and howls!

It drives me crazy!
It haunts me!
So much burning and freezing!
Stuck in an inferno,
and the ice ages.

That's Sunlight and Darkness…

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