Sunset Poems: 2/4
Nature, Sunset

Sapphire Waves

© Caroline Colette

This is a poem of a favorite memory I have. The lake I'm at is in Maine. And for all you to know, I'm fifteen. Hope you all enjoy it!

A cool, crisp breeze ran through my hair,
I pulled my warm blanket higher on my chest and breathed deeply.
Looking out from the back porch of the main house,
descending down a small grassy hill,
and three large rock stair steps downward lay the stone beach.
There, the cold lake water flowed and glided over the multicolored rocks of the shore.
I let my eye wander forward onto the great expanse of lake that spread out before me.
Deep blue water that sparkled a brilliantly bright sapphire in the reflection of the setting sun,
I memorized its flowing colors,
fabricating a painting of it in my head.
I tucked my feet underneath me and snuggled deeper into the cushy lounge chair,
then I slowly closed my eyes,
and allowed myself to be lulled to sleep,
by the mesmerizing melody of the sapphire waves.

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