Forest Poems: 2/5
Nature, Forest

Killarney Moonlight

© Alan Titley

Great Mountain Lake. Killarney Provincial Park. Ontario.

A midnight paddle in an old canoe.
Surrounded by stars and dreaming of you.
Silhouetted pines soon come into view.
Killarney Moonlight.

A solitary figure in a craft for two.
My empty bow seat leaves me feeling blue.
A fallow heart where love once grew.
Killarney Moonlight.

In my campfire’s glow I see some great unknown.
Stories, surrounded by a ring of stone.
Of trips gone by and wild oats sown.
Killarney Moonlight.

Portages past were not obstacles then.
Easily challenged by younger men.
If I only had that courage again.
Killarney Moonlight

The years are getting much shorter I feel.
My daily life now seems so surreal.
Fear grips all and weakness revealed.
Killarney Moonlight.

Forever, I hope to have this lake.
A quiet place that keeps my soul awake.
Something no one else can take.
Killarney Moonlight

This lonely forest feels like home to me.
Future camps I cannot clearly see,
but there is one thing that will always be.

Killarney Moonlight.

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