Forest Poems: 3/5
Nature, Forest

Hiking on a Spring Day

© Jeanne Fiedler

I love nature, animals and the great cause of saving the environment. The walks I take in the woods and the photos I take bring me calmness and peace and life in the moment. My faith brings its beauty and great love.

It’s a fresh Spring day
The muddy trails are soft
with the fresh scent of greenery
whizzing by… life in the moment

The squirrels are scurrying back
and forth, the fawns are immersed
in the background froming a back
of love..

The purple flowers have a scent
It could only be God’s world
no illusion…just nature’s palace

The trails are mostly silent
with flickering intermittent sounds

The stillness of hiking
There are cascading waterfalls
and animals here and there
spiritually immersed

There are smooth rocks that I
begrudingly climb over
and the soft sand on the beach
With the salty air pervading it…

God is connecting me to the universe
It’s radiance breeds love…

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