Forest Poems: 5/5
Nature, Forest

Forests forever

© Erin

A call for reflection on the role of the delicate forests of Canada and whether we need everything it produces. We need to make shifts in our use of the forest.

I'd rather be a mossy patch beneath the cedar tree
than on a rooftop tennis court in Dubai country.
Solomon seals and huckleberry line my forest path
but their beauty is long forgotten by engineers doing math.

Science has measured each plant and species,
chemically explored new genetic possibilities,
so we tinkered and harvested,
we skim the cream of life
our ordering brains exploit
so we might Survive
and breed
and grow each mother's child.

Maybe eternally our species will grow and recreate
taking more and more and more of precious living space
till the threshold point is reached,
and the balance is tipped,
and biobankruptcy is complete.

Only then as we slowly fade
into circumstances most forlorn
to pray that a savior will mend the planet
and remove the crown we made of circling thorns

The dappled cedar canopy alive with exquisite mosses
simply cannot coexist with corporate profit &amp losses.
The voices of birds suspended in silencio extremis
resonate in the cool misty forest epidermis
of fern and needle, leaf , vine and trunk

So Summon we, we command thee
the forest stewards of this century,
collectively, governmentally,
Those that know the forest spirit,
Decide now what is greed, then kill it

Or answer to us,
the collective conscience of all human souls upon this planet
why is was necessary to disturb natures sanctuary,
for the golden egg
the Midas touch leading us to the ultimate calamity.

The skin of our planet is daily torn away,
and stripped with hyper speed,
not radioactive decay
and ulcerated by our corporate maw,
the tentacles of our appetites
which reach and pull and extract
so we might have the compounds we seek
for our comfort, our wars, our everyday use,

But stop, let's not cause the forest to lose it's strength,
its power, its varied composition
its solitude and latitudinal position.
This strength we should not lose.
For the future is long, dark and confused.

And fertility may stop, and our golden age may set,
in a haze and effects of toxic contaminants
So leave the last few tracts now left in the wild,
for our very very distant future human child
who we bless with the seas and the song of the wind
and the fruits of the sweetness of wisdom, but not our sins.

Have we not have enough in our homes, cars and planes
to stop the activity that may be insane
Take less each day and share, content to be,
try to limit consumption &amp harmful technology.

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