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What does a garden mean to you? The answer to that question will likely tell a huge amount about you. As children, the garden was somewhere to play for hours. From football to chasing, tennis to water-fights, the garden was the “go-to” place when you were young. In adulthood, the garden has far more practical uses. Somewhere to dry the clothes. Somewhere to set up the barbecue. Somewhere to keep the dog. As we get older still, the garden often becomes somewhere to be enjoyed. Sitting out in the sun or tending to plants and flowers, the garden can be a real outdoor relaxation room. Your garden can be anything you want it to be. It’s up to you.
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When I wake early in the morning,
A brand new day I see,
I lift my head up to the sky,
And thank God for letting me be me.

Uncertain as to what the day will bring,
Don't know ..........
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My Garden is a special place, and so near and dear to my heart.
So in the early morning there, I watch the new day start.

The flowers nod their sleepy heads to shake the morning dew, ..........
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I think that I shall never see
A poem as lovely as a tree

A tree whose hungry mouth is pressed
Against the earth sweet flowing breast

A tree that looks at God all day
And ..........
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In a small town in New Hampshire,
There’s a secret no one knows.
I'll tell you, as I've been there,
Where Nancy's garden grows.

Each Wednesday I admire,
The beauty of her ..........
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Light reflecting, in my eye,
Cloudless blue of august sky,
Shadows lurk in nature's womb,
I'll take this place to my tomb.

Morning wakening, air crisp,
A welcoming breeze, nature's ..........
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See the maple leaves scatter on the grass.
The flowers are blooming bright and beautifully.
Hearing the birds chirping happily.
Like a sweet precious melody.

Lying on the grass and ..........
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In my garden I sit and stare,
if weeds are there, do I care?
I am lost in a reverie,
focused on my apple tree.

The tree proudly waves blooming boughs,
high to caress passing ..........
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Nature is of infinite meaning
But, within that interminable flow,
we humans exist.
Everywhere we are, there is nature.
Everyone we are, we are nature.
Nature is the broadcloth of ..........
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The sprout of a bud for birth
The songs of the birds for mirth

The spread of the petals for offerings
The morning sun for the kiss of love

The weeds and the plants
Growing ..........
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As I sat in the shade, what did I spy?
A weed sproutin’ up, with mischievous intent.
Pull it and stomp it, destroy it I did.
Certainly it’s gone I thought to myself,
as I ..........
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Garden Poems: 1-10 of 10    
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