Snow Poems: 1/6
Nature, Snow
Shoveling Snow By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
My Love for Nature...

The wind was still blowing the snow had stopped
When I grabbed the shovel for my nightly job
Dresses in three jackets boots mitten and hat
I did not care what hour chimed on the clock

The crisp air filled my lungs as I labored with love
While the night sky and stars glimmered above
A wonderful peace ascended my soul
While each shovel of snow helped reach my goal

I cleared a space while humming a tune
Remembering the words about the silvery moon
I filled all the birdfeeders with sunflower seeds
Knowing I had done for the day all my good deeds.

I love the songbirds and all my feathered friends
Taking their picture feeding with my camera lens
I could never live in a world without my feathered friends
So shoveling snow by moonlight for me is making amends.