Snow Poems: 4/6
Nature, Snow

Snow in Mill Lane

© Pamela Parry-Jones

My front garden is the riverbank which is a hotbed of wildlife and particularly in the cold weather, birds and various animals come visiting. Even a tawny owl was seen flying over the trees during the day in search of food.

We are all young at heart and this explains
Why we prefer winter snow to summer rain
When the snow lies thickly carpeted on the ground
Everything has a silence, a silence all around
There are no birds that one can see
Huddled tightly together in the forks of the tree
The river flows serenely by, unperturbed by flurries of snowflakes
As they gently disappear into the waters depth and all it takes
Is a whisper of wind and a ray of sunlight
To turn our world into glistening, blazing white

There are exciting footprints to tell us
That we are not the only ones out in the chilly air
There&#8217s a badgers foot, a squirrel&#8217s paw, a fox&#8217s trail fresh from his lair
A deer or two have ventured out onto the winter&#8217s scene
Making tracks where they have been
A child at heart, every grown-up remembers the joy
When they were just a carefree girl or boy

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