Heaven Poems: 6/7
Nature, Heaven

This Day Is Like Heaven

© Melissa ann korn

this morning

The day is becoming soft and warm.
A light mist blows, as the pebbles beneath my feet are slightly cold.
A slight breeze whispers though the tall oak,
causing the leaves and the tall grass to sway in a rhythmic dance with the sun.
the sun is a brilliant orange and purple as it fades into the horizon.
I know the warm moisture in the air will soon dissipate into the day.
The birds are sweetly singing in a harmonic beauty.
Singing collectively,these wonderful creatures tell me they are just as much in love with the morning as I am.
The pathway is like a wave of serenity overflowing in my very soul.
it is so peaceful here.
As I take my time breathing deeply into a stress free dreamlike land.
my face floods with sunshine.
just absorbing every moment.
The intoxicating fragrance of the large mossy oaks
and vibrantly green and grassy forest give off an aroma incomparable to any perfume.
just close off the world,
shut out the nosie,
and open your senses

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