Heaven Poems: 7/7
Nature, Heaven

November 4,2004

© Hilary

This poem is about a little girl being beaten by her mother. Everyone notices her bruises but chooses to be silent, instead of speaking up so please SPEAK UP. Every abused child is counting on you.

As they heard the news,
they bow their heads in shame and regret,
Regret for not speaking up and turning away.
They realize they could’ve saved her life,
this child they ignored for quite sometime,
was Malena marie Jones.
It all began when she was just 6 years old,
Malena would hide the scars and bruises,
while her teachers and family members turned away.
Her neighbors would turn up the volume,
so they could mute out her cries for help.
As days pass her pain would increase,
but no one notices her absence,
but that one cold night was different from others,
Her mother was drunk as usual,
but she didn’t stop this time just kept going.
As she hit harder and harder Malena couldn’t bare it.
As she tried to be strong she couldn’t take it.
As morning came it was just to late,
She was just to weak,
She couldn’t hold on anylonger.
As the neighbors gathered to see,
they cried as they saw the scene,
A mother in handcuffs and a silent child.
They say their goodbyes underneath their sobs,
they apologize as they lay roses upon the little girl’s grave.

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