Weather Poems: 6/7
Nature, Weather

The Tsunami

© James Mason

Violent Weather such as a Tsunami is a frightening display of Nature's power

I never knew what a Tsunami was
Till I saw the news of high waters and massive floods
A series of catastrophic waves caused by earthquakes
6.5 on the Richter scale at least is what it rates
Volcanic eruptions beneath the oceans
Stirring the earth's crust messing with emotions
Traveling speeds up to 450 miles per hour
Heights of 100 feet along with incredible power
When they break they often destroy everything in the way
Leaving the world and its possessions astray
How can something so precious be gone so fast
No longer part of the future but seen in the past
Foreign countries left in the state of shock
Many destroyed, piers, beaches, and even the docks
A sea of shoes and no owners to be found
116,000 bodies to be placed in the ground
A father found left alone with his child
His wife just another name to be filed
Volunteers there to lend a helping hand
With the material things, women, children, and man
A lifetime of memories washed away at sea
All caused by what was seen as a sudden catastrophe

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