Weather Poems: 2/7
Nature, Weather

Coffee in the morning

© Daniel Lund

Just had a dream. A dream of drinking a good cup of coffee and watching the weather turn on me.

Drinking coffee
all morning long,
listening to the birds
sing there song.

Out on my deck
in the early morning light,
the squirrels awake
and start to fight.

People going to church
on this fine morning,
as the clouds darken
they don't take warning.

The wind starts to blow
from out of the west,
people dressed up
in their Sunday best.

The birds and squirrels
stop what their doing,
look to the sky
a storm is brewing.

Blowing and raining
so hard I fear,
I can feel it coming
the end is near.

Watching the clouds
spin their awful fury,
I'm going inside
now in a hurry.

I pour me another
fresh brew in my hand,
outside I go
to watch it all end.

Birds and squirrels
dying in my eyes,
I hear the people
call their cries.

Death and destruction
is what I see,
all around
the light finally reaches me.

Coffee this morning
brought me many things,
for tomorrow what
will my coffee bring.

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