Rose Poems

The giving of a rose is a universal gesture in all languages. Along with a heart, roses are the most basic symbols of love. While other flowers can be given on different occasions, roses are reserved exclusively for romance and love. It is perhaps fitting that these badges of affection bring with them their own warning in the form of a thorn. Love can be painful, and it can sting. The thorns of a rose are a timely reminder that you must be delicate in all matters of the heart. Love is beautiful, but it is not without peril….just like the rose.

Rose Poems: 1/5
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Red, Red Rose
I love photography and belong to a photo club. Recently I have been writing some poetry to go with my pictures. Red Rose, Red, red rose, Rose poetry, Flower poetry,

One cold and rainy day
As I glanced out my window pane
There stood a single red, red rose
The rain streamed down into a single stream
For a moment I became one with that red, red rose.