Hunting Poems

One of the most divisive of topics, hunting often proves to cause heated debates as people struggle to contain their opinions. While very few people take issue with those who hunt for food, the majority of people have extremely strong and opposing views to those who hunt for fun. As with any divisive and emotive topic, there are strong arguments to be made both for and against, depending on the situation. That being said, it is difficult to condone the senseless killing of an animal, any animal, in the name of sport. It seem so incredibly barbaric.

Hunting Poems: 1/4
Nature, Hunting
Hunters of Autumn
Hunters have been given a bad reputation because of a few bad seeds. Responsible hunters care for the environment and believe in conservation. Man has pushed predators like wolves and mountain lions to the edge of extinction. What would happen if there were no hunters left to maintain the balance

Serenity interrupted
A brief shock wave passing through
Nature seems to hardly notice
Death is universal

Peaceful autumn under the trees
A beautiful world surrounds
A gentle melody persists
Sounds of nature flowing

The season changing, wind grows cold
The consequences deadly
Life flowing back into the Earth
The slow decay begins

Mounting pressure for survival
Bless predator and rifle
No tragedy in sacrifice
As nature brings new life

The eyes of death watch over all
Hidden in field and forest
The reapers whom we call hunters
Bringing in their harvest

Loved by nature, despised by some
Whether man or beast be named
By claw and fang or by the gun
May all the world be saved