Horse Poems: 2/4
Nature, Horse

Horses And The Way They Are

© Jennifer Lambert

This is poem is all about horses and what I once saw on an ordinary day at the stables. This poem is also dedicated to my horse, Cookie.

From the many beautiful creatures living among us,
Many people pick the horse that is so gorgeous.
The way they trot is delightful,
Like Bambi as he prances across the ice.
The carrots they treasure and think 'these are oh so nice'.
Young colts turn into strong stallions,
Proud, tall and true;
The mares equally gentle too.
They are faithful animals and loyal.
They always like being around you like in a coil.
'These creatures are worthless,' one man I heard say.
I defended them and argued fairly.
'But they are better than you. They can win American Idol with a simple “neigh”.'
He said nothing but disagreed and went on his way.
As he walked, a newborn foal was in a field.
I thought of it growing like a crop ready to yield.
At the end of the day,
Horses are beautiful creatures.
Don't think they are worthless like that cruel man,
because they are animals the same as us.
More beautiful in some cases,
but always determined and loyal.
That's horses for you,
This poem will now foil.

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