Star Poems: 2/4
Nature, Star

Stars Never Lie

© Dustin Hoffman

This is dedicated to a special person in my heart.

As the sun sets and the night sky lights up.
You stare at the lights in the sky with wonderment.

Its hard not to wonder how they were made.
The sky steals your imagination.

As the night gets darker, you start to see shooting stars.
You look even deeper into the sky and see someone.

That someone is the person you truly love.
You may not know it at the time.

Only time will reveal the true answer through the night sky.
When they come into your life, you may not know that they're the one.

Trust your heart and the night sky with all your love and passions.
If that person shown in the night sky has been hurt by you,
look up to the sky and into their eyes.
Tell them that you will do anything to be with them.

The Stars Never Lie about life and love.

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