Fishing Poems: 4/5
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Picture This

© Susan Chen

Susan Chen is a current junior at Stanford University. Growing up in a rural village in China and spending most of her mature years among backs of skyscrapers and bright lights in inner Boston, Susan dedicates her poetry to an enriched world outlook marked by urban excitement and idyllic longing

An aqua-blue stream gently flows,
Unmoved by what lies in its path.
Running to a place no one knows
And no one asks, fearing its wrath.

The flaming sun radiates its glow,
While birds chirp at the break of dawn.
Butterflies perform a fine show,
Dipping high and low and then gone.

The icy-clear sky high above
Casts a few rains now and then.
The Heavens demonstrate their love
By subduing a storm once again.

The air chills with every cool breeze
The flowers turn with the light winds
A child gives off a single sneeze,
Then simply wipes his nose and grins.

A man fishing by the seashore
Is pleased to take part in all this.
Content with such a tranquil bore,
He blows his son a tender kiss.

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