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Those that like it love, and those that donít cannot get their head around it. Fishing is one of the most polarizing past-times going, and non-fishers can find it very difficult to appreciate the attraction. However, talk to those that love to fish and youíll see it's far more than a past-time; itís a way of life. For most, fishing is not about the need to eat, but the need for inner peace. Fishing can be one of the most relaxing things in the world, and it lends itself to long periods of quiet reflection. The world is changing, and the serenity of sitting still for hours, watching the water and waiting for a bite is not something you can get many places any more.
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On that cold, damp beach,
I came to claim my fame
A hero of the inlet,
A master of the game.

It was late November,
The moon was shining full.
My hook was fresh with clam, ..........
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Oh Lord it's hard to be humble, with my fishing pole in hand
Why I almost feel like another Bill Dance,not just an ordinary fisherman.

Forgive me when I stretch the truth, about the one ..........
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I walk up to the river and in it I peer.
So soothing is the water and crystal clear.
A slight wind from the west awakens the trees.
I watch as they dance in this sweet cool ..........
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An aqua-blue stream gently flows,
Unmoved by what lies in its path.
Running to a place no one knows
And no one asks, fearing its wrath.

The flaming sun radiates its glow,
While ..........
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Fishing Poems: 1-4 of 4    
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