Earth Poem

This poem is about the feeling I get in the early morning when all is calm, before all the tensions of the day begin. I am completely alone, but feel totally at one with the universe. It is peaceful and at times joyful.

Morning Reflections

© Jeanne Fiedler
The green-brown patterns
form a backdrop of nature
the geese are calling
loudly...sometimes hurtully...
I want to help them..

There are all kinds of
sounds in the morning
animals cooing and cawing
as they forage for their

The clock ticking...
the electricity humming...

The windows lend
their soft light
through the panels...
Some are dark and shadowy
Giving off a kind of evasive

I think of my cat
and when I last saw
I miss her...

But all are with me
this morning..
as every morning...

The inner calmness
let's them enter...
and stay...

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